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With the emergence of a progressive nation, PHILFLEX - as the leading manufacturer of quality wires and cables in the Philippines today - plays a vital role in accelerating the country's aspirations towards economic and technological growth.

Over the years, PHILFLEX has served the power, construction, electronics, electrical, and telecommunication sectors of the nation. From the complex construction of high rise city towers to the simple everyday running of our appliances, PHILFLEX touches our lives - bringing together a larger and more sophisticated society.

Now, after more than four decades of providing the nation with its vital networks, PHILFLEX stands at the forefront of the industry. With absolute dedication, it has been recognized, time and again, by international standard bodies for its world class manufacturing standards and stringent quality control and keeping up with technology.

PHILFLEX has gained worldwide recognition.







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Since its inception in the electrical wire and cable business, PHILFLEX has emerged as an industry leader and key player. At the onset of its operations, PHILFLEX forged strong partnerships with the country's power and electrical sectors leading to its unparalleled growth. Its technical collaboration with Taiyo Electric Wire and Cable Co. of Japan enabled the company to parallel its production lines with world-class standards, while its technological alliance with Kuhara Seishakuso Co. Ltd of Japan made PHILFLEX the Number One Manufacturer of Magnet Wire in the country. Moreover, with the hiring of well-respected foreign consultants, PHILFLEX gained access to the latest in wire and cable technologies.

PHILFLEX takes pride in being the only Philippine manufacturer of wires and cables to be accredited with ISO 9001 certifiaction, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), F Mark and T Mark by Japan's Ministry of International Trade Industry. These prestigious citations recognize not just technical and system efficiency but also management competence, operational expertise, and consistency in product. Recognition by other foreign firms and agencies further proved that PHILFLEX is at par with the world's best.

With its global reputation of excellence, PHILFLEX has also earned the distinct honor being cited as one of the SUPERBRANDS alongside other brand names in various industries that have the unique standing of being truly world class.

PHIFLEX products are already exported to US, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East, Vietnam, and other nations.

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